Our Story

Bill and Carol Faltakas, in the Summer of August 1993 were looking to venture out and open their own business together without any partners. They went to view an old building which used to be a mechanic and auto parts store “Western Auto Supplies” at, 315 Columbia Street. The building was in disrepair and falling apart, but when they looked up and saw the ceiling they fell in love. The beautiful exposed wooden beams and rafters were spectacular. They asked what year the building was built in – it was in 1922. So they decided to get all their money, mortgage everything and gamble with it.

By October 1993, they started construction, it took over a year and a half to build. On July 15, 1994, they opened the restaurant. At this point, they still had not named their restaurant, and they were thinking to name it “Bill’s Place” but it sounded like a pizza or burger joint, so they decided to name it after their only son – Stefanos. In the end, it became “Stefanos Restaurant”.

Their dream, was to open the first dine and dance restaurant in New West. Stefanos was the only restaurant in New West to have dine and dance which attracted a huge crowd at the time, and still does 20 years later.

Over the years, there have been small renovations, but the biggest renovation since then was opening our lounge and patio area on the main floor 2011. Serving appetizers and drinks while watching sports such as, UFC fights, hockey games, world class soccer and it’s more of an appy’s, sips and fun atmosphere.

Welcome to Stefanos.